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Sell or Add to your vacation rental portfolio

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Tchukon Shanks 415-412-6900 DRE#02091181
Are you a vacation rental owner that would like to shift assets from our mountain community into another area or asset class? Inventory is low, and we have buyers looking for vacation rentals now! Tchukon Shanks and Lenny Sharp are experienced Airbnb investors, operators and realtors in the Yosemite area. We can market your home for maximum return today! We’d be happy to provide a market analysis that will inform this important financial decision. Or perhaps you’ve seen the opportunity in this area, or have already experienced some success in this market, let us help you find the right home to add to your portfolio, to build your generational wealth through cash flow and appreciation. Call or email your Yosemite Vacation Rental Realtors today!
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Lenny Sharp 559-580-9315 DRE 02142596

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